Organizational Structure and Management


A talented and motivated workforce is the key asset of almost every organization. The effective development, alignment, and management of your organizational structure can be the critical catalyst that transforms your company from mediocrity to world-class. T3 offers your business the experience, resources, creativity, and objectivity to custom design an exacting, tailored plan to not only consistently recruit top performers at all levels, but to encourage, enable, and reward ongoing performance excellence.

We can work with you to ensure that your organizational structure is effectively aligned with your business strategy, and that the functional competence you require is properly positioned within your organization. T3 professionals are particularly adept at not only developing structural strategies that efficiently allocate manpower, skills, and compensation, but at creating effective change management processes and procedures as well. We can provide you with a methodology to retain organizational agility within the context of maximizing the core asset that is your workforce, and work with you to effectively implement and communicate organizational changes.

Our Organizational Structure and Management Services include:

Workforce/Workload Analysis
Organizational Restructuring
Functional Competence Assessments
Executive Search
Developing Performance Evaluation Metrics
Salary Negotiation and Mediation
Employee Recruitment and Retention
Compensation Plan Structure
Sales Force Compensation Structure

Additional Areas

Strategic Management Consulting

Merger & Acquisition Advisory Services